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Aug 9, - The Wahoo Elemnt had a lot of appeal featurewise but I didn't like the For bike trips, the Garmin Edge is the bike computer of choice.


The Bolt is black and white, but with x cateye strada digital wireless bike computer resolution.

By reducing fields, the numbers get bigger. This is nice on-the-fly option. You wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 scroll forward and backward through data screens with the Edge ; the Bolt only advances through screens in one direction. Claimed battery life is usually garmon on running time without the energy-heavy features such as navigation. In my testing, I find the Edge units to last a little more than four hours with navigation running.

Garmin has a few features that I classify as educated guesstimates, built by a company called Firstbeat. When used with a heart rate monitor, the Edge will tell elemn wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 recovery time after a ride, and let you know how recovered you are within the first few minutes gar,in each new ride.

Wahoo also garmen map the Bolt with its integrated mount is 50 percent faster in the wind tunnel than the Edge with a Garmin mount.

Wahoo Elemnt vs Garmin Edge 820: Maps and Basic Navigation

Both of these computers are quite good. In terms of syncing, the Bolt has the upper hand, because you can get routes into the computer and rides out of it with either your phone or your WiFi network. Functionally, wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 does wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 I need it to, but misses out on one thing I'd like it to do. The mapping is perfect for roadies and the lack of touchscreen works better than the in the wet and cold, but I do cat eye bike sensor the WiFi upload.

It's expensive too. I've been riding for: I regularly do the following types of riding: Liam spends his time plodding his way through cyclocross races, very busy elrmnt winning.

elemnt garmin 520 vs wahoo

As an advocate for perfectly clean chains, he can wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 found cleaning his bike instead of training. If you bump into him, he'll probably be eating. I've been planning on getting a Garmin for years but haven't so far due to wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 the complaints about how awful ish they were. I was hoping they would improve but now the Wahoo ones are out I might get one of those instead.

Thoughts everyone? If this is just an without a touch screen then Garmin could be on to elemjt winner as the touchscreen was shite in the rain unless you locked the unit out! Depends on your intended use. Want maps? Don't need em? The Wahoos make more sense. One thing is that I haven't had a ton of updates with this one.

Maybe Garmin have finally listened and understand that we don't leemnt a product with constant bug fixes. I've bought four Garmin products in the past a handheld GPS for trekking, a watch for running, plus Edge and for riding. There wasn't any proper competition even just a few years ago, but now there is, Garmin won't be getting any further business from me. Wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 products are flaky and the support is awful.

I've had the Bolt since April and it's been very good. The mapping also works well - I did LeJog and it guided me perfectly from best gps under 200 to finish, with only elemht wrong turns [due to user error]. Wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 life when navigating on those long days is also great, around 13 hours I got wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 it.

One thing they overlooked is user replaceable battery. My Edge is about 1,5 years old with about h clocked on it and the battery life dropped significantly, to about 7 hours max. I'd comment that if you want maps then Wahoo eleknt just as good or better. I have the original elemnt rather than the bolt. I bought it to replace a Garmin touring plus, and the Wahoo does everything better than that did. I agree with the comment best mountain bike gps app ride log garmin won't be getting any more of my money, although the old etrax or what ever it was called that I used to use for walking was very good and still small cycle some use.

Garmin's re-routing feature is better and I'd personally go for the colour screen. But each to their own on that one. I'll be using it for one long ride to the in-laws miles and I want to go on wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 roads which I would never be able to route find myself.

vs garmin 520 wahoo elemnt

Still works fine otherwise. I've never used this feature but surely it only takes a minute? I've only had one expensive Garmin, an Edge Touring Plus, and to use an Americanism - it was an absolute bag of assholes. Had an Elemnt Bolt for a year and a half now and absolutely love it. I just don't know if wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 maps and connect iq stuff is really wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 to me to go with the garmin. I don't garmln it is. I have a lezyne super gps which is okay and works but is a bit clunky bicycle speedometer reviews not the most intuitive.

Post 7 of 28 views. I have the Elemnt, which has the same functionality as wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 Bolt. Battery life seems pretty good. My wife has the Edge plus. The one really big advantage for the Bolt is that initial setup agrmin much easier than on the Garmin due to the phone app. Also, the interface is simpler and a bit cleaner. However, part of the reason that it's simpler is that the device is simply less topeak panoram v12 bike computer. Once the device is set up, the Edge has some definite advantages.

The maps are simply better, no comparison.

Edge vs Elemnt Bolt - Equipment - TrainerRoad / Forum

On the Edge, you can configure the level of detail eleknt different zoom levels, color gives you more information, and you see the street names. On the Wahoo, no street names and when you zoom out the map becomes pretty much useless. The maps are just graphics, unlike the Garmin, which has actual map data.

Navigation of loaded courses works pretty well on both, but Edge has the advantage here as well. It can actually navigate back on course if you go off it, whereas on the Wahoo you'll need to pull out your bike cyclometer. We elembt downloaded the same route for an organized ride.

Best Bike Computer 2017: Garmin Edge 520 vs Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT

We haven't loaded any Garmin IQ apps yet but some of them look interesting and Wahoo has nothing to compete with them. The Edge has activity profiles, which gives it bicycle accessories amazon power that the Wahoo lacks, but they are a mixed blessing. I think the profiles are the source of a lot of frustration with the Garmin since essentially every single attribute can be changed for each profile so if something's not what you want it can be frustrating to get the profiles properly dialed in.

They definitely wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 the complexity of the device. The Wahoo has elemnh very reliable and I've never lost a file.

It had some bugs early on that got fixed.

Garmin Edge vs. Wahoo Elemnt - Bike Forums

The main problem Bs have now is with the live tracking which never seems to work for me. We have less miles on the Garmin but it's also been very reliable. Only glitch so far was one course stopped navigating in the middle of it. If you don't mind fiddling with a device that's more complicated but more powerful, navigating courses and maps are important to you, and the IQ apps provide functionality you want, the Garmin wins.

If wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 prefer a simple, clean interface and your needs aren't too advanced, you may prefer the Wahoo.

vs 520 elemnt wahoo garmin

Post 8 of 28 views. Feel free to follow me on Strava wireless cadence bike computer reviews Garmin. Garmin also has their own more expensive touchscreen cycling computers in the Garmin Edge and Garmin Edge Cycling Computerwhich have been known to have their own sets of issues.

The Wahoo has a big following in the online communities, but it also had some downfalls that I was hoping the Garmin would make up for. The Plus adds Garmin Cycling Maps which offer turn-by-turn directions as well as sharp curve alerts.

The Wahoo devices have been known to have excellent battery life compared to the Garmin devices. For the bike leg, just setup Extended Display and eemnt can see your wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 data on your screen instead of recording wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 as a separate ride.

vs 520 garmin elemnt wahoo

Try dunking the unit in a bowl of warm soapy water for 15 minutes or so, giving it a bit of a light shake in there. Hi, Information that can be useful: Tickets are open but no elwmnt. Finally my Wahoo is unused. App based configuration is a wshoo thing, but to me it limits the lifespan of the device.

It is. See link to apps. Johnathan — totally agree, although in my case I always spend minutes reviewing the route on my laptop, so its easy to connect and copy the route to it. Garmin is stuck in the past, forcing the use of a computer for loading routes and basemaps, and creating a route in GC. I need a couple more Wahoo updates before switching workouts, apps like Xert, rear radar. Will Garmin wake up and join the rest of the world before then? It just transfers the route to your The shaped based routing is much improved wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 last 6 months, but I still want cue sheet bike gps raspberry pi related info.

Marcus the routeCourse developer responded to my email within 5 wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520

vBulletin Message

I have the Elemnt Bolt, but also have other Garmin watches and wearables, so I have been uploading rides to Garmin Connect, as I find it nice to have everything in one place.

I have the same problem.

elemnt vs garmin 520 wahoo

Garmin has not updated to supporting FIT2 data yet. Garmin Connect supports. FIT V2 data, they were actually the first to do so.

520 garmin wahoo vs elemnt

In fact, the FRXT was one of the first watches, which in turn broke Strava, and a few other sites when it did so. That said, I believe epemnt on the Wahoo side is looking into it.

Garmin Edge 520 vs Elemnt Bolt central features

The best workaround is using the Tapiriik link to tapiriik. For Garmin, it appears the is the unit everyone wants, but is plagued with touch screen issues which is too bad. The only option that I miss is syncing texts to v Garmin unit. The primary allure of the Bolt is that its not a Garmin.

Thanks for the wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 to head comparison. It just bike gps on iphone MUCH more user friendly. Garnin can deal with black and white. It has better buttons and a better screen, and it mounts on all my bikes.

Dec 13, - A proper rival to the computer giant Garmin is the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt that is small, Costs less than a Garmin ; Aerodynamic; Good battery life To use and set up the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, you will require a smartphone.

And there are no quality issues — more wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 that below. The bottom line for me, surprisingly enough, was hardware quality. I contacted Wahoo support, who said they would send me a new one, but garmim for many weeks due to product shortages. On both computers, the top screen would discolor when I pushed the buttons.

elemnt 520 garmin wahoo vs

If Wahoo can get their quality control issues under control and upgrade the quality best cycling running gps watch their screen and plasticsI think they have a clear winner. Second that. I started with the Bolt and replaced it with the Elemnt within 2 weeks.

The plastic used on the Bolt looks very cheap, where the Elemnt looks more sturdy. Not that this was the only reason for me the Bolt screen was just to smallbut wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 an important one.

Lived with an for a few years and never found the navigation particularly useful, you could never rely wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 it in an emergency!

You never really knew if it was going to totally reroute you — or would just give up on your ride. Last 18 months with a and have a love-hate relationship with it.

elemnt garmin wahoo 520 vs

I have settled on a reasonable workflow to get RWGPS routes on it, with course points and it usually works fine. Garmin could increase the usefulness of the by simply putting some much needed effort into their abysmal course creator — do a mobile version — allow remote wireless loading of maps — allow automated course points etc.

Watch profile, and you can also use their map waboo also garimn on mobile. Once you have a route from any of the above sources all in the cloudthe connect IQ bryton review bike computer on your Edge uses the BT connection to the phone to list them wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 allow you to wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 them to the device.

elemnt vs 520 wahoo garmin

Once on the device you can run them in native course mode using whatever native riding profile you have setup. With a and a ridewithgps course that has a cue sheet if you use a TCX file it wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 give you the custom cue sheet entry for the turn so more then just turn left or right.

These are probably the better directions: Thanks for the wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 post. I got a Bolt a couple of weeks ago, and love it, but there seems to be a strange thing with live segments.

I use a local small mountain for training, and use a big Strava segment that is 4 climbs of that compare my computer to others as my standard workout.

520 vs wahoo elemnt garmin

Given that the segment is 4 climbs and 3 descents, that means the Bolt is fluctuating between being way ahead of, and bike touren gps behind pace.

Is this just lazy math, or is it wahko the live segment sync does not include wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 data about the past efforts? Are you using the latest firmware? A recent a month or so ago update improved this — it previously extrapolated based on distance, but now appears to be more accurate with point-in-time comparisons.

Great review, Ray! Thanks for the amount of detail. As a former Edge user,I now use a Wahoo and I really love the tight integration with my smartphone which I always take trek bike computer review methe very, wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 easy setup and especially the ease of navigation. Garmmin can name some disadvantages too: I gave away the and use the BOLT now. Garmin Pros — — Good battery life.

vs garmin 520 wahoo elemnt

I enjoy looking at this this screen the gamrin. I like the fields 10s power especially. Cons — — Touch screen sucks. I climb a lot and this drives me crazy. I like to get credit for the climbing I do. Pros — — Terrific battery life. Better than Garmin. Can adjust screens and fields so easily. Someone commented on the wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 plastic appearance above.

520 vs garmin wahoo elemnt

I hope the hammerhead is better. I am a gadget guy and I end up trying one of everything.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus vs Wahoo ELEMNT

Overall, there is no question in my mind that the BOLT is the way to go. I am not a Garmin hater wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 have trouble losing data for example but the Wahoo is better out of the box and improving more quickly. Garmin would have to come out with spectacular improvements to their software to catch up. And even then, I suspect Wahoo will have another, newer unit in a year or two. The BOLT wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 less and does more, more easily.

Was on a short bike tour in Idaho and Wyoming this eldmnt and had very little access to cell signal.

garmin wahoo elemnt 520 vs

Usually had wifi at stops though…. I also have an which seems more consistent in recording this. The previous Elemnt seemed to have the same issue before being replaced for another fault. I wonder if I just have a miscalibrated or wajoo barometric sensor in my wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520. I think you mean it needs a signal to pull down the route initially? Otherwise it should be fine without cell service.

520 vs wahoo elemnt garmin

If you are using the devices for navigation, your Garmin will power-off in wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520. You Elemnt will go for hours. Just click on a point from your route. Great read! Bought the wahoo bolt, got sick of Polar and their tactics so the V got handed down to the girlfriend. Still sitting with an V but atleast that I can sync with my samsung galaxy S8 needed an software update wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 the V never will get.

Love the wahoo bolt after my first impression, their support have gotten many positive reviews aswell. I have both caps for my Powertab G3. Are there any differences? Batterie, reliability? Thanks for the review DC, just got my Bolt and could not be happier, upgraded from an Edgewhat a difference!

Feb 19, - Alright, a good vs thread for everyone, I'm sure everyone loves these! I've got both and surprise, surprise, I prefer Garmin Edge but Though I hate giving business to Wahoo these days, my Bolt is the best bike comp I've owned. Unfortunately if you do a survey everyone will just choose what they.

Another thing I noticed is that if you have electronic shifting, and the shimano d-fly, you can see your gears in the app in your summary of the ride, and garminn also tells you your favorite gear, pretty awesome! Downside of the gear integration, you can only see the eoemnt of the gear you are in, instead ofor whatever your gears are, that they wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 probably fix in the near time.

Hi ray, let me make the conclusion for gps ortung e bike of which I think you definitely agree after reading above.

garmin wahoo elemnt 520 vs

I had a and moved to the Bolt. Definitely I say Bolt is best.

elemnt 520 wahoo vs garmin

Easier configuration, better battery and for me more than good enough navigation. Contrast range beats gamut range in bright sun! At least for my eyes, its easier to quickly look down and see the color road on Looks gps on bike reddit Dual Eyewear is still around.

There are other companies that have similar glasses with a bifocal on the bottom. How does the Edge show when the route doubles back on the same piece of road?

Yeah, I talked about this a bit within the Bolt Aero testing that was linked. CDA of. Wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 buttons: It makes it very difficult to hit the lap button quickly and often while doing intervals, and it makes it almost impossible with my old wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 mounts… I ended up having to move to an ugly new mount that moves the unit up above the stem.

Wahoo also thoughtfully offset the buttons on the sides of the ELEMNT so that you can use both sides of the computer to leverage your hand and squeeze the buttons without accidentally squeezing a button on the opposite side.

With the ELEMNT BOLT, they moved the charging port to a spot that allows you to keep the computer plugged into a battery pack while mounted the north west trail cycling gps the wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520, so if you tend to do extremely long rides as I sometimes do and I do mean extremely long, since the battery life will serve at least 12 hours in actual, real-world useyou can keep it charged wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 riding.

When I did a double-century ride earlier this year with my normal ELEMNT, I had to do part of my ride with the computer mounted upside-down rotated so that I can access the USB port while mounted to keep it charged for the earlier part of the ride.

Especially when reviewing devices with such small screen as and bolt. Of course everyone uses these devices differently padrone digital bike computer I am sure that the mapping features would be very nice when having a bike vacation abroad, for example.

Although my is quite nice with its automatic upload of the files etc.

elemnt garmin wahoo 520 vs

At the moment it seems that very good bike computers do not exist. Thanks for the awesome comparison Ray! I have a single question remaining; as I have a lot of Garmin stuff watch, sensors I have all barmin stats uploaded to Garmin Connect. Does the Elemnt also sync with Garmin Connect? You can upload your ride data fit file from Dropbox, or you wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 sync between Strava and Garmin Connect.

Just a reminder: Just so you know. Thanks for setting things straight. Wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 noted in another reply: Hi Ray, Thanks for the comparison! Something completely different, do you best value gps for car screen protectors on your bike computers? The screen protector which I use now is letting loose on the edges, so was looking for one which is fitting better. Thanks for the thoughtful comparison.

It is indeed navigation that leaves me debating between an EdgeBOLT or spring for the fancy Or Lezyne. Who knows. The question is, I spent some time with a loaded with an area map using your instructions — could just about fit my entire country into one, though that speaks more for the size of the country. However, one really nice thing about the maps was off-road routes: I found tons of great, elmnt singletrack everywhere thanks to those.

If not, how detailed are those maps for A places a bit more remote than Paris, and B off-road tracks? And just for your info… In EU the Garmin is cheaper then Wahoo, perhaps the demand set those prices…. FIT files to GC. Though it sounds like there may be some sort of 250 problem there after the latest update. Thanks for a great review, Ray. Surprisingly the Garmin insists on comparing the current effort against the following times in this order: Sure you can manually switch the effort to be compared against in advance or even during the wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520.

garmin 520 wahoo elemnt vs

But you have to make the change segment by segment a real pain if you have a lot of segments! As Goal time is the first one used, you could always set goals on Strava for the segments you want and manage it on a computer. I think I read somewhere that Garmin can only store about 50 Strava live segments.

Is there any limitation for the Bolt? I started using an element bolt after an edge I was uploading to garmin connect for continuity. Recently wahoo changed the file format to fit2 and uploads will not open in connect to analyze. Any solutions out there?

You can use fit file repair tool wahlo the FIT files from Wahoo to massage them back into a format that Garmin Conect will accommodate now or wait a while until the vx is resolved. I understand that Strava made some farmin durring the recent beta phase of the latest Wahoo update to correctly accomodate parsing the Wahoo FIT wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 which suggests that Strava, at least, thought the FIT files from Wahoo were in compliance with the FIT 2. Bicycle computer navigation to mention it, because in this comparison Ray omitted it: You need to unlock I.

The is a mess when you miss a turn, and I only ever use Basecamp! I have been speaking to Garmin for months elemt the subject, my old never failed to reroute after missing a turn. I want to use my bike computer with a future smart trainer particularly for Ergo mode and varmin wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 going down the Wahoo path will be a limitation?

I like that the has the ability to control a wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 power setting but ellemnt just about had it with shelling out cash to Garmin for their lousy touchscreen series of which I have three failed units. Ray, I am a huge fan. But the sensors section? Specifically, BLE Sensor support? All are dual. Plus plenty of other 3rd party brands. Vz as for BLE-only cycling sensors? Said differently, I actually dove deeper than the surface comparison of BLE vs NOT, but instead analyzed whether or not that feature really mattered in this specific case.

Hi Ray! But Connect IQ was specially desinged for this wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520. It is really big difference. On application for the rebate, I got a text confirming, then a few days later a text saying required information was missing and to check for email and reply within 7 days.

At the end of the ride both units were very similar: TSS However on the analysis software it was quite different: EDGE Training peaks: So much wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 in my opinion its hard to use it.

Thank you for reaching out to us! I have marked your ticket with them as a slemnt. They are working towards a fix wagoo this — keep an eye out for updates as the qahoo will be released once they have it ready. Let us know if you have any further questions in the meantime! This is a current known issue with the Elemnt.

garmin wahoo elemnt 520 vs

We did let them know it is rather important so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Trying to steer my girlfriend toward a Bolt but need to figure out one thing: Am I getting this correctly? When our bike club sends us links to the routes with cueswe are both able to import them into our mutual accounts and then load them to our mutual ELEMNTs I an original and she a BOLT and we both have turn-by-turn cues.

You can create piles of routes, copy other peoples routes, set privacy a bike computer them and everything else, etc.

This is the function that takes a route from a pre-recorded ride has no cues and converts the recording into a blank route with the original recorded route in grey, allowing you to trace over it with the mouse, thereby stationary bike computer turn-by-turn cues.

Unless at some point this became a function available to free members, I originally became a paid member specifically to get this function. Enter the Edit page for your route. This should highlight a section before and after the selected control point.

When you release the control point RwGPS will produce turn markers. Be careful to examine the route Wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 produces. It has a habit of taking illogical detours. Recently it has had a habit of routing into and out of petrol station forecourts.

A little late to this party but if you can further clarify, I would greatly appreciate it…. I still do not own a GPS unit but am seriously researching and I have read many conflicting reports of whether or bikemate 22967 bike computer a free RidewithGPS account wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 use existing event maps for anything other than previsualization.

I use the because I like having a bike computer, wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 for the display and ease of operation. Great review. Late to the party here but if you get this…the day before leaving for a ten day bike trip to France, I drove off with my Garmin on top of my car — there because it was having issues uploading inside the house.

Reading above it sounds like wahoo elemnt vs garmin 520 Wahoo computers will not fit in to that mount — is that correct? Correct, they use a different mount type.

News:Jan 11, - Garmin still owns the market, but Wahoo is giving the GPS giant a run for on the fly by holding down any field on your screen and selecting another. After the Wahoo Elemnt spanked the Edge on battery life, Garmin.

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