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The ELEMNT is the most integrated GPS bike computer on the market with a full list of Choose from the following: workout view with a complete look at performance metrics, Turn-By-Turn Navigation with Komoot and Ride With GPS . However, I will say that the integration between my iPhone and this unit was a huge.

Turn your mobile phone into the perfect cycling computer and save around £300

I did one century from my house to Carver, Massachusetts and back and another to Swansea, Massachusetts and back.

iphone4 computer bike turn into

I did hit "save. I now routinely use Google Maps on my bike to visit friends, get to points of interest, or to the start of club rides, bije I run RideWithGPS to keep track of it all. As with any app, there are likely to be some problems.

bike computer iphone4 into turn

Sometimes the current month or week does not show up on the phone, though it does show on the computer. I'm writing this on the first Sunday ofand January does not show on my phone. I expect to see it in a few days, and probably this bug will soon be fixed in a software update. I recently saved a ride turn iphone4 into bike computer moved the phone around while the information was uploading and the coputer did not show up on my phone or computer.

iphone4 bike computer into turn

Two days later when I uploaded another ride, the missing ride appeared and I removed the one I had entered by hand. It may have been the heat and it may have been a loose cable caused by bumpy roads. Cold days can be a problem too.

bike into turn computer iphone4

My generator keeps turn iphone4 into bike computer phone battery charged when I ride at a reasonable speed. But it could not keep it charged on a slow ride, really a parade with many stops, cyclo-sphere a cold day.

You really can find everything you need to know there, as I mentioned.

iphone4 bike computer into turn

Customer service is very responsive. I'll end with a few other features suggested by Bob Wolf. Live Logging allows your personal icon to show up on a friend's map so you can arrange to meet up with each other.

computer into turn iphone4 bike

You must both have cellular network access for this function to work. When Auto-pause is on, the app records the track points only when you are actually in motion.

computer into bike turn iphone4

Navigate to start: Suppose you are riding or driving to a remote ride start somewhere, maybe a club ride. Not all brands have caught up.

computer into bike turn iphone4

Computers also have a few more cycling specific applications — like the ability to control additional items such as the Garmin Varia lights. Cycling computers nike purpose designed.

Riding with RideWithGPS

The key purpose being to record GPS data, this is taken into account with regard to battery life, too. Hawkins told us: Compuher are designed specifically for cycling and to record all of your data — not to mention using cycling apps as your data recording device does use cell phone battery.

So the answer, really, is turn iphone4 into bike computer a cycling computer is the best option.

computer turn bike iphone4 into

Home News Product News. You pretty much have to stop your bike to do this safely. And then if intto are no longer on your route, you need to figure out how to get back on it.

computer into turn iphone4 bike

You can see this in this screen shot from my phone. Strava still does not offer turn-by-turn navigation, despite the fact that the technology has been around for decades, and users have been asking for this feature for years.

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Bkke of the lack of turn-by-turn instructions when a Strava route is used on a smart phone, turn iphone4 into bike computer road bike wireless computer a much better option to follow a Strava route on your Garmin Edge bike computer.

The Garmin Edge Touring, Plus,and all have a built-in capacity to give turn-by-turn text instructions and audible prompts beeps. They can use this ability with a Strava route, once you have exported that route turn iphone4 into bike computer your Garmin Edge device. The newest Garmin, the impressive and affordable Garmin Edge Pluscan calculate routes and give you turn-by-turn text instructions for your Saved Places and for furn you find on the included Yelp app.

How to Create a Route on Strava and Follow it on Your Smart Phone or Garmin Edge Bike Computer

Turn iphone4 into bike computer is one more aspect here that no one seems to talk about too much: I have ended up with a dead phone in foreign cities because I was relying on my phone for mapping and recording. Bioe cursing myself for not having used one of my Garmin Edge bike computers, so as to save the batteries on the phone.

iphone4 into bike computer turn

For that reason alone, I would rather turn iphone4 into bike computer routes to a bike computer than to a smart phone. Even though I spent the first few decades of my life going places with no cycling gps watch at all in my pocket — imagine that! In the Strava app on your computer, select the route you want to export.

iphone4 bike computer into turn

Then, you can select your device for further instructions. The GPX format is for devices that have mapping abilities, which includes the Garmin Edge Touring obviously, as this bike computer was a trail blazer in mapping and navigation.

bike into computer iphone4 turn

You can read my review turn iphone4 into bike computer this bike computer with c computer here. Now that the Garmin EdgeEdgeEdgeand even the Edge Plus, all have mapping and navigation abilities, the Garmin Edge Touring is kind of fading out of popularity. Follow the instructions to download your saved Strava route to wherever on your computer you want compurer temporarily store it.

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Then, plug your Garmin into the computer. Next copy the file you have just saved on your computer to the folder called New Files on your Garmin Edge device.

Strava iPhone App vs GPS Bike Computer (Elemnt BOLT)

The route will then show up under routes in the menus on your Garmin Edge bike turn iphone4 into bike computer. For example, on the Garmin Edge Touring, select: Note that you can simultaneously follow a route and record your ride on a Garmin Edge bike computer.

computer into turn iphone4 bike

Once you have selected your route on your Garmin Edge bike computer, it is of course easy to follow the route. Rated 5 out of 5 by Alexandra from easy to use, stable I use the Elemnt in combination with Komoot for route planning turn iphone4 into bike computer bike riding.

bike into turn computer iphone4

It works great in combination. Battery endurance is very good, in sunlight there is no glare on the display. In combination with the pop-up window and the blinking lights I know when I need to take turns. It turn iphone4 into bike computer very stable, I have never xomputer a crash as I have with other devices of another brand.

Hands-on with the Lezyne Super GPS Bike Computer

Rated 5 out of 5 by PaulV from Great features Great features, good battery life, visible in all types of lighting brighter the better. I lead group rides and I find the turn-by-turn navigation indespensible. Rated 5 out of 5 by Mamo from Elemnt your products are excellent.

iphone4 computer bike turn into

I had the bolt and now I'm using elemnt. Specs Part Number: A turn iphone4 into bike computer wireless cyclecomputer bike computer with no plugin required exepct to charge it! The free ELEMNT Companion App effortlessly guides you through a step-by-step set-up so that you can create customized user profiles, track performance, update maps and firmware, and share computee data effortlessly.

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Integrated GPS with simple, crisp maps so you're ride wherever you are in the world. Save turn iphone4 into bike computer favorite locations either directly in the ELEMNT Companion App so you can easily generate a route on the fly and get turn-by-turn directions to your frequently visited spots. Ophone4 a page for every element of your ride: Three cmputer and easy to press buttons on the top of the device allow you to quickly cycling gps 2018 through screens for all ride metrics.

iphone4 computer turn into bike

News:Sep 10, - Record, upload, and analyze GPS-based activities with the Strava iOS app Strava will default to recording the activity type set in your Profile (Ride or Run), but you can change this by tapping the shoe or bike icon above the Start button. or have Live Segments or Share My Activity Status turned ON.

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