Se super tuner hook up to computer with the bike - Stage One Upgrade SE Super Tuner?

This is about using the Screamin' Eagle Pro Super Tuner, not other models like the SERT or TTS. Once you have the main SEPST screen up, select “Tuning” (the tuning fork icon). 2. Connecting the VCI to your bike and laptop .. I've decided to go for a SE cam swap anyway but decided to play with the.

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But I'd still like to know if an idle RPM of rpm say is enough to keep the oil moving. New questions: Does anybody ever try to tune the timing without a dyno? I'm assuming that if the optimum detonation is around 20deg ATDC, and that the knock sensor is only detecting detonation from Supsr thru very shortly afterwards, it is difficult to use the knock sensor to find the optimum point?

Also, I've seen mentioned on hdforums.

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It apparently helps with setting up the calibration. But Compufer can't see how, specifically. Apparently it can interpret the knock retardation and come up with timing improvements. But if I'm not trying to aggressively improve the timing, are there any other benefits?

How about when it comes to smart-tuning? Thanks again for any help. A question I asked myself a while ago too.

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Afraid I don't have an answer. What I have read on that there Interweb is conflicting. Some have said you do need garmin 1000 sale set the CLBs superrothers have said you do not as Smart Tune mode handles that.

My take is that if you had to do this then the manual would tell you to do so.

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It doesn't. Se super tuner hook up to computer with the bike I can offer. I have mine at and it feels fine. No missing. I am probably going to take it up one notch to though, occasionally makes my teeth chatter at lights at Again - dunno. I strap the SEPST orange box to the bike by the battery cover and so its only a matter of leaning down and pressing the button, so its not really a problem for me.

And to stop the anti-knock kicking in a messing things up. Shouldn't think it would alter the AFR readings it takes too much. Ah, tried that myself and got the software. Didn't work.

Jun 15, - I've hooked up the bike and the tuner blink once but no communication. Enter your VCI serial number and select Super Tuner software. software, connect your PC to the Internet, go to the home screen and select "Check for Updates. When connected to a motorcycle, the VCI LED will blink once to.

So, instead compuyer tuning around an AFR of This is so that it thd accounts for different fuels where the AFRs of lambda are different e. If you don't have the right ECU then you don't get to use the lambda calibrations and it's these that have the ability to set the AFR directly for closed loop rather than needing the frig of CLB tables.

I spent a while last summer messing with this. I adjusted the advance a couple of degrees across se super tuner hook up to computer with the bike piece three times and recorded data after each change.

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I was looking for when I got more knocking. Didn't have a lot of luck. The anti-knock was kicking in more but I just didn't know how much was acceptable. Then there was the worry that if I wasn't able to get high octane fuel as often happens in the stickswould I have so much pinging going on I was harming the engine?

Then there is that, without a dyno, I had no real idea whether my timing changes were doing any good. In the end I cateye velo 8 bike computer my usual stage-2 map back and tunner the idea until I feel like getting some more dyno time.

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Heard of it. Have no experience.

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Personally I like to book an hour at slow times at a dyno down the road. Then I play with the AFRs. That's my plan for the timing too at some point.

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Doing this stuff without a dyno feels like shooting in the dark. Thanks again Foxster.

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All very useful. Seek me out at the next rally for a beer on me. Thanks for this darned useful guide. Fuel Economy. Camshaft Support. Frequently Asked Questions How do I get the app? What is the warranty on the Fuelpak FP3? Comuter are your maps made?

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How does the Fuelpak FP3 work? What is the process? I'm unable to flash a tunsr using the FP3, what should I do? How do I autotune?

Remap My EFI After New Exhaust?

computerr How do I edit my map for camshafts and engine modifications? I'm getting a U error code after flashing with the Fuelpak FP3, is this normal? Does the Fuelpak FP3 have to stay plugged into the motorcycle or can it be taken off? Android Quick Start. Advanced Features. Customer Service.

Connecting wirelessly by Bluetooth to iPhone or Android Smartphones, iOS or Android device and wield the power to tune your bike right in your pocket Choose from an expansive collection of maps dyno tuned in-house by Vance & Hines. at Standard moving to Standard Plus, Moderate, Aggressive, and Race Missing: computer ‎| ‎Must include: ‎computer.

ECO Mode. MPG Readout Guide. Flash-Tracker Guide. Bulk Editing.

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Learn More Download. Product Support. Autotune for Power Vision is a built-in feature inside the device itself that is free of charge.

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It utilizes the stock narrow-band oxygen sensors that come equipped on the motorcycle. Autotune Pro - Requires the purchase of the Autotune Pro accessory kit. It includes a control module, two wide-band oxygen sensors, cables, and everything needed for installation.

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For end user use on models, or for shop use on any Present models. Vehicle Fitment.

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Power Vision What is Power Vision? Frontech 1. External 4. TV Recording Support. Yes 3. TV Tuners - 4 Products. Sort by Popular.

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News:UP Harley-Davidson Touring (Filter/Tuner Combo Kit) PV-2B & HD . there's no hoping that the tech know how to properly tune the race tuner, I've used them also and if tuned right work great, key word "if", the PC's are simple Installation took some time to properly wire the entire bike (the harness piggybacks.

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