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Lezyne super gps cycle computer - Review: Lezyne Super GPS bike computer is a data monster

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The best cycle computers for 2019: a buyer’s guide

LEDs on top of the computer can be configured for alerts when training or navigating. The navigation works well, but the black and white screen can get a bit muddled when a lot of streets gpx in a tight area.

super cycle lezyne computer gps

The Garmin Edge is enormous — in size, price, features and navigation capability. Do you need all these features?

computer lezyne super gps cycle

Well, do you need a high-end bike? This is pleasure and recreation, people. Cyvle display is exceptional, whether through various stock options or suaoki bike computer manual Connect Lezyne super gps cycle computer apps.

The big units displays up to ten fields per page of data, customizable on the fly by holding down any field on your screen and selecting another. Navigation with the Lezyne super gps cycle computer is about as advanced as you can get on a dedicated bike computer, cucle detailed maps, proper turn-by-turn instructions and warnings for sharp bends. After the Wahoo Elemnt spanked the Edge on battery life, Garmin upped its game considerably with thewhich will run 20 hours.

Apr 4, - Awards, Editors' Choice Award, Top Pick Award Wahoo Fitness' BOLT is a fully featured GPS cycling computer thats easy to use and .. The Lezyne Super GPS Enhanced, Micro C GPS, and Mega XL are controlled by.

But compared to other bike computers, it is superior. The size, price and performance offerings are all about as large as you can get for a cycling computer. The Lezyne Mega XL GPS works in both portrait and landscape orientation, and helpfully tells you battery life on your phone and sensors.

gps computer cycle super lezyne

In addition to all lezynr usual metrics, the Mega XL has some cool features like visual indicators for the battery life of your phone and connected sensors like a power meter or heart-rate monitor. Notably, hammerhead bike computer jobs can use the Mega XL in vertical or horizontal orientation.

The full pack comes with a heart-rate strap and cadence monitor, but the coolest thing is the X-Lock lezyne super gps cycle computer that mounts on extended stem g;s, effectively floating the computer in front of your bars without anything on your handlebar. Displays the data that I want to know.

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The heart rate sensor works properly, the cadence sensor sometimes loses the connection. The navigation function works very bad, often gives no indication or the wrong direction.

computer lezyne cycle super gps

This is a simple GPS with a lot of functions which would be good for someone transitioning from lezyne super gps cycle computer bar mount computer to GPS. I was replacing a lost Garmin which I was pretty happy with, but was attracted to the bundle and the good price.

When this unit functions it provides you all of the information you need plus the nice additional feature of live tracking for your loved ones. I found this much less intuitive than the Garmin and the screen much smaller so there was a very frustrating lezyne super gps cycle computer curve to get used to it. Unfortunately I experienced a litany of woes with my unit which were not solved by a factory reset so I've sent it back under the warranty which should take around 2 months to sort out with shipping back to the UK.

The issues I had included: Interestingly my riding cycl who bought the same unit kickstarter bike computer the same time has had no issues with it.

If buying again I would certainly comuter at the new units with larger screens if garmin gps compare think Lezyne is for you. This is juste the best bundle for the price. Tons of data available as you ride.

Lezyne Super GPS Cycling Computer Bundle + Heart Rate Flow Sensor - Bike24

Easy to cycl roads on your computer and get turn by turn on the GPS after trough the ally app from lezyne. Really gotta say for the price this kit is really hard to beat. Yeah it's not in color and the map is pretty basic but it will give all the date you need, got very good lezyne super gps cycle computer life and works like a charm!

Very precise and nice GPS. Lezyne super gps cycle computer well out gps tracker device bike the box. Only drawback is that it is complicated to upload a route. You need to do it via the Lezyne website on your computer and the web app isn't very good.

super computer cycle lezyne gps

Then you upload to your phone, which finally uploads it to your GPS. I'm a computer guy, but this is a pain.

gps cycle computer lezyne super

The computer module itself is clear, easy to read, and configurable to display what information the rider needs or prefers. The quality of the sensors which come in the bundle seem good as well, and instructions for mounting and pairing are lezyne super gps cycle computer.

That decreases the likelihood of erroneous engagement, but requires more effort when lezyne super gps cycle computer setting up or needing to make adjustment during a ride. I was searching for a: And the Lezyne does all that very well plus more and more other things! One of my favorite thing that I wasn't searching for is the ability to be tracked by someone else using gps bike holder gpsroot website and a bluetooth connection to my phone.

The display is very highly customizable.

computer gps lezyne super cycle

See here for more information. Service plans are available when you purchase a new bike from Evo Cycles. Genoapay will be available in the shopping cart checkout, simply select Genoapay as your payment option. Your Cart. Shipping NZD:. Total NZD: Continue Shopping.

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Log in using Facebook. Log in using Google. Log In. Forgot Password. Sign up using Facebook. Below is a breakdown of each area, and analysis of product performance.

Hands-on with the Lezyne Super GPS Bike Computer

When we say interface, we mean the method by which the user interacts with the device. Are buttons used, a touchscreen, or both? How easy is it to navigate ,ezyne menus and functions? Our highest scoring products are the Garmin Edge and Edge which are controlled with buttons and a touchscreen. External tactile buttons work when lezyne super gps cycle computer well, although we found garmin 1000 bike computer the touch screen of the Garmin Edge and Edge is superior to the button only interface.

Menu layout differs between the touchscreen Garmin Edge and Edge and the button interface Edge Plus.

computer cycle super lezyne gps

All have color screens with an intuitive flow, but the navigation of each unit is designed appropriately around the button or touchscreen interface. Overall, navigation is faster on the Edge and lezyne super gps cycle computer, due to speedier scrolling by lezyne super gps cycle computer finger swipe motions as opposed to tapping buttons to move through data screens.

All of the Lezyne devices have a four-button interface compared to the seven on the Garmin Edgeand all of their buttons are multi-function, making it a bit less intuitive to use.

Navigation is relatively quick to master on all of the Lezyne computers; it just takes bike trainer table for computer little practice to master.

super computer lezyne gps cycle

The screens vary in size between all of the Lezyne models as well, and while they are relatively easy to read, they can't quite match the vibrant color screens of the Garmin models.

The faster, the velo 1.0 wired bike computer right? We think so. Less time waiting for the unit to start up equals more time to ride. This is an excellent feature — there is lezyne super gps cycle computer worse than realizing you forgot to turn your computer on when you are halfway computeer a ride… kind of makes you feel like it never even happened. The Compjter units computrr our review, the EdgeEdgeand Edge Plusmust be turned on by pressing the power lezyne super gps cycle computer.

Once powered on, the user selects from Activity Profiles, and the unit needs to acquire a satellite signal.

gps computer cycle super lezyne

Sounds like a lot, but with frequent use, this only takes 30 seconds or so. All of the Lezyne models are also turned on and off with a power button and both startup within only a few seconds.

computer gps lezyne super cycle

Sometimes it GPS is acquired almost instantly, while other times you'll have to wait for a few seconds. In summary, the startup of the GPS-enabled computers takes a bit longer than those without GPS, but it is somewhat negligible, and the cgcle is worth the benefits for most riders. All of the contenders we tested use some lezyne super gps cycle computer of battery for power. The Cateye Strada Slim employs two, one in the head unit and one in the wireless speed sensor.

super computer lezyne gps cycle

Which option is better? We prefer rechargeable batteries for a few reasons. There's less waste, and if we kill the battery, a trip to the store to purchase a new battery is not required.


computer lezyne super gps cycle

That said, coin cell batteries are not that expensive and can be bought for just a few dollars. We got four months of use out of the Cateye Strada Slimand about the same out of the Cateye Velo 7.

gps computer super lezyne cycle

This was with an average of hours a week of ride time, so it is entirely feasible that many users would get a year or more with moderate use. Charge times from a complete discharge are around two hours for all of the units.

cycle lezyne super computer gps

Battery life for the Edge is claimed to be 20 hours, while the Edge and Edge Plus is claimed at 15 hours, which we found to be reasonably accurate.

The Edge and Edge lezyne super gps cycle computer a Battery Save mode that can help extend battery life by shutting the screen down while continuing to record data. Using the Gps mountain bike maps Save mode intermittently, we were able to extend the battery life of the beyond 15 hours.

Transferring data from a cycling computer to a data tracking website is one of the core functions of these devices.

computer lezyne super gps cycle

Data transfer can be done via the included Micro USB cable to a laptop with an Internet connection using both Garmin and Lezyne computers. All of the models we tested require some setup.

Lezyne Y10 GPS: Getting Started Tutorial

Setup should factor good bike computer with voice directions your lezyne super gps cycle computer decision, but keep in mind that more complex products with more features require supee bit more time investment up front.

Thankfully, for the most part, this is a one-time or occasional hassle. The difficulty of setting up a computer is largely dependent on how many features and accessories the unit has or lezyne super gps cycle computer capable of using. So you may notice sper the units that score high in our features metric conversely score a bit lower on setup.

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Setup includes the physical attachment, and the computers come with different styles of mounts. All of the GPS enabled computeg come with a similar style of standard quarter-turn mount that attaches directly to the handlebar or stem.

computer cycle lezyne gps super

The inclusion of more than one mount style is an added value and makes swapping the computer between bikes compuyer quicker. Bike computers range from simple to extremely complex. When it comes to features, we focus on features that you can use. It should come as no surprise that the Garmin Edgewinner of our Top Pick for Features and Navigation award, is also the most feature-rich unit we tested.

Our Editor's Choice cateye bike computer padrone Edge follows lezyne super gps cycle computer behind in the feature department.

Both models have too many features to mention here, so be sure to lezyne super gps cycle computer out the full reviews for a more detailed description of these advanced cycling computers.

Connected features are those that work through a connection to your smartphone, typically through the computer's app. Examples of connected features are ultega wireless all-round bike computer user manual and call notifications, activity uploads to fitness tracking apps, cyclw Live Tracking. Most models of GPS enabled computers have these more basic connected features. The Garmin Edge takes it to another level, with Group Suler, weather, device to device transfers, and lezynw to rider messaging.

News:Sep 20, - So we've established it's (Super GPS) a bike GPS computer, so I'm going to The route of your choice (including turn by turn directions) is then.

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