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Apr 3, - When you buy a bike the wheels should be carefully considered as the hub Sizes are the most confusing thing when choosing bikes and wheels (often to setup your bicycle computer) use the valve as a marker and roll the.

How to measure your Bicycle Wheel before converting to an E-Bike

Awesome post. Bicycle tires have two components. The longer number of the tire is in diameter about an inch, and the smaller number is the tire width compuger an inch. I also maintain a site, hope you like it — http: Cateye bicycle computers a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how on the topic of unpredicted emotions.

The venerable Sheldon Brown has a Gear Calculator that uses a different method to determine wheel size. His calculator uses an pre-defined diameter for every.

November 16, April 7, Mandy W. On a c, the numbers on the tire would look more like this: Step 1.

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Or, better yet, have a friend hold it for you. Step 2. Read the number at the far end of your tire. Make sure you choose the how to get wheel size for bike computer size. Most mountain bike wheels now have disc brake hubs, but you still yow to make sure your new hubs are compatible with the type of disc brakes you will be using.

Disc rotors will be fitted to the hubs with six-bolt fittings or Shimano CenterLock. If your new wheels aren't compatible with your rotors, you can buy adaptors to convert them. There are quite a lot of different axle standards for mountain bikes, so you need to make sure your new wheels and axles will fit your bike's frame.

If in doubt, it's best to stick to like-for-like, or contact us for help choosing. Many riders still prefer the level of acceleration and control you get with them though, and you'll find them how to get wheel size for bike computer older mtbs and ant+ bike computer without gps with smaller frames such as women's mtbs.

These require more tyre clearance so may not be compatible with your b frame and fork. They are particularly favoured by taller riders. When replacing wheels on a hybrid, you can just choose road or mountain bike wheels dize the right size, with the right size and hub compatibility.

Dec 30, - Wheel size has become the million-dollar question for mountain bikers Consider the following pros and cons of each, and decide which size.

There are some hybrid specific wheels to choose from. These tend to be strong, budget friendly wheels built to withstand everyday life. When you choose your new wheels, don't forget the extras you might need to go with them. If everything's compatible, you can of course re-use your existing QR or bolt-through skewers, but you might want to upgrade at the same time.

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Also, not all wheels come with rim tape to line the wheels with, so bike gps tracker for theft usa might need to buy this as well. Most adult bicycle tires measured with the ISO system range from to millimeters in diameter.

As an example, a x35 c tire has a millimeters BSD and is 35 millimeters wide, so its ISO designation would be Measure the tire's width in how to get wheel size for bike computer. Use the same process listed above, across the tread from one side to the other.

Keep in mind that tires of various widths can be used on the same bicycle wheel, as long as the difference is not too drastic. List the width first and the diameter second.

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Remember when purchasing a new tire measured by the ISO system, the width is listed first, followed by the diameter. For example, a bicycle wheel sized 39 x would have tread 39 millimeters wide and a wheel with a millimeter diameter from the outer edge of one side of the tire to the other.

Additionally, the BSD would coputer mm.

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Method 3. Measure the circumference. The circumference is the distance around the outside of a bicycle wheel, which you need in order to properly how to get wheel size for bike computer a bicycle speedometer, odometer, GPS or computer. Just as your car's speedometer and odometer will provide inaccurate data if you change the size of its wheels, bicycle equipment must also be set based on the size of your tires.

Calculate circumference easily by multiplying the tire's replacement magnet for bike computer by pi.

As pi is equal to 3.

Wheel Size Wars

If you already know the tire's diameter and width, garmin reviews cycling can also look up the circumference on various online charts.

Measure the circumference with a string. If you don't already know the wheel's diameter, you can still measure its circumference by evenly wrapping a string around the outside edge of the tire. Mark or cut the string at computfr spot where it reaches back to its starting point and measure its length cmoputer determine the circumference.


Add a dot of wet paint to a spot on the bicycle tire's tread. Carefully push the bicycle in a straight line for at least two rotations, ensuring the paint marks the ground twice. Measure the ground from the first spot of paint to the next how to get wheel size for bike computer order to determine the tire's circumference. Gps cycling fitness watch Cox Bike Mechanic.

Ikaika Cox. You can use any 26" mm ISO tire. However, you also need to consider the clearance inside your frame, which can vary. Your frame needs to be wide enough to fit the tire you choose.

For example, if you have a 26x1. Otherwise, you might get some rubbing on the tire, which can generate heat and risk your tire blowing out.

Berkshire Sports - Bike Computer Tire Size Calculator

Additionally, it can wear down the metal of your frame. To find out the maximum size your frame can fit, measure sizf, then subtract. This leaves enough garmin edge 530 for mud and dirt, as well as your tire. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Money saved from reduced inventory could be put towards, well, anything else.

How would we decide what size bikes get which wheel size? Manufacturers would have to figure this out how to get wheel size for bike computer their own. Hoa we need to stop is this nonsense of absolutes.

The Wheel Size Explainer

Road bikes how to get wheel size for bike computer Bike gps distance use c wheels. We suggest — barring the special situations previously mentioned — the scaling should be done by rider size, regardless of application. There is cojputer single reality of business that causes the industry to continue this silly debate about wheel sizes, and that is wwheel.

With our fantasy solution, you fix the inventory problem AND you fix the fit problem for both road and mountain — all at the same time! Does it sound too good to be true? Clearly, Tom and I are a couple of nerds who think about this stuff too much.

Tire size is not listed in the chart | FAQ | CATEYE

Forgive us, if you can. We hope our sentiment can be seen for what it really is — which is to say — optimistic and well-intentioned. Swim Bike Run.

How to Measure Bicycle Wheel Circumference For A Cycling Computer

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News:If you road cycle it’s easy, but if mountain bikes are your ride of choice then things wheel size; Loads of existing 26in wheels, tyres, forks and bikes make.

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