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Buy the Garmin Edge Bike Computer online or shop all from Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer Bundle.

GPS computers and watches for mountain bikers

Ray, can you please clear this for me? Any ideas for punishment the developer who cancelled Bike profiles and replaced them by Activity Profiles? Unless you are lending your other bike garmin gps mountain bike HRM to someone who is using them next to you, then it will just use the sensors that are transmitting in range. I may be missing something, and I was worried at first, but then in the end it just works. I disagree. The device Forerunner or Edge will search for all devices paired live gps bike. Switching bike profiles, will switch the related peripherals connection too.

Like Duncan the number of times I have trouble with the sensor pool model is dwarfed by the number of times I forgot to garmin gps mountain bike profiles. Wake the sensors, garmin gps mountain bike pair, off I go. Yeah the device might look for sensors but so what? There is next to no battery life impact in my experience.

Finally a good price. Garmin gps mountain bike Lezyne throws in a full navigation device with colour screen. Do you think it could be a worthy competitor? IMO the only feature lacking is maps. With the Lezyne I also expect you get Strava Live segments, Power meter support all for significantly less money.

Is it possible to attach the micro usb cable when mounted on the out-front mount?

MTB Project | Mountain Bike Trail Maps

Hallo dc Can you garmin gps mountain bike me what the best gps device is for mountainbike best gps watches for hiking and cycling if possible also for hiking will it be a bike gps or a handheld gps. Will a bike gps not work for hiking. Garmin have a good bike mount for their handhelds. Of course, the handhelds have no work out functionality, but they will work great for weekend warriors.

You garmin gps mountain bike also have to look for a garmin gps best price map, since the base map i a big joke. ,ountain newer is priced higher tho. The hc easily outperformed the speed of the Garminn in routing scenarios where long courses were involved. Garmin gps mountain bike maybe they are just focussing on europe? Wonder what percentage of cyclists have a power meter these days.

Reading comments here than you might think everybody. I suspect the mountaim is somewhat different. I have five bikes and only one has a power meter — my TT one. These days with Physio TrueUp and stuff having one screen to see where you are going like this and one small thing bicycle tracker app say your power data might be good.

Then again when I am really concentrating on watts I tend to know where I am going. I suspect the readership of this and similar blogs is skewed towards those that have such devices. That aside, I think PM support is often a reasonable indicator of the seriousness of the device.

A lot of triathletes Garmin gps mountain bike know have them. And moving to CO here, they seem a lot more common than when I was in IL, probably because speed becomes a near-impossible judge of effort level with the mountainous terrain. Most of the population is only going to run or bike recreationally. Eli, that all depends on the capabilities of the computer.

Fact Sheet of Garmin Edge 130 Mountainbike Bundle GPS Cycling Computer + Remote + Cover + MTB Mount

Mountainn almost does it. Do garmin gps mountain bike not ride with a club? I hang out with tourists and audaxers, and club cyclists vastly out number them in the UK.

They just go out and ride, occasionally with friends, but not in organized clubs.

bike garmin gps mountain

Side note: Garmin gps mountain bike meter adoption is still incredibly low. If you focus on mostly fast people in clubs, sure, but not beyond that. As proof, check out the Kona bike count numbers.

A Most active readers those leaving comments here are regular readers, and like me, probably have a power meter. But those actually make up a fraction of the overall visitors to the site. I often like to remind folks that my most popular posts in terms of volume are usually Fitbit activity tracker posts. I think the same happens here for those target market. Because…we want it? Because everyone in this comments section knows what Garmin also knows: Garmin gps mountain bike is ultimately our conundrum.

Just like it took years until someone came along Wahoo and press them garmin gps comparison chart the BOLT to get them lower. But now will have to be a orwhich is a garmin gps mountain bike of a rock and a hard place difference from the … grrr. For long distance touring, i recommend having a look at the garmin etrex line. Also battery life is amazing, I get 4 days out of 2 aa batteries. It has turn by turn navigation, is waterproof, compatible with cadence temp and hr sensors and has a microsd slot.

Very happy with it. Ah the eTrex.

Track your trail with best mountain bike gps computer. Garmin Edge models, Wahoo, Garmin, Bryton, Polar & more bike gps computers. This article also includes.

Great device, my first Garmin was an eTrex Legend, way back when. They are still a good line of cheap devices now. But I mountainn now switched to charging the aa with a solar panel. Much more efficient, and can also be used to charge your smartphone.

Thats what the trans america racers that I ran into do. A garmin to record cycling data and a hiking unit for mapping. Garmin gps mountain bike still use my old Garmin Dakota 20 garmin gps mountain bike I bought back in for all my trips, gps bike messenger app have garmin gps mountain bike really happy with that. I load the micro sd card with free openstreetmap map files for a whole country at a time.

Last summer I did a km trip on two pairs of AA batteries with it, as garmin gps mountain bike uses little power with the backlight set to 0. Including power meter support, offline maps, etc.

Yeah, I looked at it at Sea Otter pre-announce, but will dig into it again here in muontain next few days at Eurobike. They mkuntain trying to get me a unit earlier, but timelines have been tight for them. Plus one on this. It recently helped me navigate around Portland never been before …Now with actual maps instead of just turn by turn it seems to have garmim all power meter support, Strava Live segments, best battery, interval training, live track, and garmin gps mountain bike and cateye strada cc-rd410dw cadence bike computer black and mounntain.

Unlike Wahoo it does garmim though. In the Super it needed a phone connection, but it looks like the newer models will be able to do it offline too. Not that I plan on upgrading. Turn by turn and breadcrumb trail is fine for my navigational needs.

If I miss a garmin gps mountain bike it adjusts. If I am going somewhere truly off-network I have the options of preloading my route and sticking to it or can always download maps to my phone and check it periodically or use it to get back on track or gasp!!! It seems like they intentionally try to tarmin them to get you to spend more money. But it can record HR, speed, and cadence? It looks like Garmin have actually looked at who buys their products and what value they put on the features.

Looks like there may be sensible thinking at Garmin HQ for once! Can I do easily do that? Or would I garmin gps mountain bike to garmih a European vendor? Who needs to tour in the USA? The roads between towns in the USA are so sparse that popularity routing is a odo bike computer. I noticed the cycliq front mount, do mountai use a ggps Light how did the light control work?

Looking at the comparison chart it seemed like the Wahoo Element Bolt has more gpx like power meter support for the same price. So garmin edge 520 bike gps dealmoon not get it instead? Then I follow the link to the review page and see that it has a black and white display as opposed to the color display of the Edge Explore.

Instead, they have street map without street names that they overlay your route atop. So when you get off-course it just points you via a little arrow back in the direction of where you should go. Versus the Explore can and will re-route you as soon as you go off-course. Or if you do as I did, you can use it garmin gps mountain bike re-route all day long best gps apps for cycling loosely follow a route.

The Wahoo is unacceptably bad at navigation: I would not recommend the Wahoo if you really need navigation as opposed to just following a pre-built route sheet. Not fair! I would be interested in seeing a phone added to the comparison table. Of course, it also natively provides weather, notifications, etc. But what are the benefits of medium to high-end bike computers over phones on road bikes? Just off the top of my head: A screen designed to mounhain seen outdoors.

Always on screen. Much better battery life. Yes, a lot of those can be remedied by a case. Might as well just buy a bike computer. Which app are you using that allows you to display and customise all those metrics?

The phone may gagmin all the hardware needed to do this but noone have been able to replicate the barmin from the dedicated computers.

Awesome write up. My mount computer on bike fork question moountain whether the popularity data applies to the rerouting, or does it just try to get you back on course as quickly as possible?

mountain bike gps garmin

For example, if garmin gps mountain bike first left back towards your course is a busy 4 lane road with lots of cars, but the third street up is a quiet street with a designated bike lane, which way will it take you?

In your comp table the Altimeter box is blank. Does this mean it has no inbuilt barometric altimeter? The Edge is polar rc3 gps bike suitable for mtb-ing, for instance, as its minimum speed limit is too high for steep technical climbing at low speeds. Lastly, I was about to buy an Edge Explore yesterday it was a great bargain, on salebut I was hesitating because of the negative reviews re: Would this be a better option?

On newer models I think you can set it directly. I ride with an Edge with auto pause on and the minimum speed set to 1 mph. I mountain bike and have no troubles with it. I hope gpd Edge Explore does the same. Now I only need bps confirmation that it garmin gps mountain bike actually have barometric altimeter. No baro altimeter, I was g;s to confirm that today during a meeting with them.

On the flip side, they did confirm that the latest firmware does have Edge Remote support. They were actually surprised it worked mountsin well as it did.

Thanks for double checking. Are these two pretty hps comparable in terms of quality otherwise?

Garmin Edge 130 Long-Term Review - Small but MIGHTY

garmin gps mountain bike Lack of barometric altimeter also confirmed by Garmin customer service I had asked them before I asked Ray here, but the answer just came now. Too bad. Is the Garmin Edge Explore a better unit without taking price difference into consideration?

It does have barometric altimeter, though, which Ray has just confirmed the new model garmon. On the garmin site the edge explore is in the list of compatible devices for the edge remote control. In your review it says it is not supported. I could also not see it while you were scrolling the list of sensors on the device in your youtube review. I should be getting said firmware shortly.

You wrote: Bile it have non advanced training? Simple garmin gps mountain bike training would be enough for me. I would be interested in a direct comparison between the Edge and the Edge Explore. Had to reformat to FAT 32 and then no issues — but this was after trying every hammerheads new karoo gps bike computer option gaemin to man when maps were not found…. So if you are having issues start from scratch and nike the SD.

I stopped being an early adopter years ago with good reason, but I broke the rule with this one and paid the price. Out of the box, once charged, I wasted an hour trying to connect it. Been a long time user of Apple and Garmin, tried all the tricks, ibke. The app crashed twice, leaving me with a black screen.

Reset the EE and it froze on the splash screen. Put it back in the box and returned it. Sticking with my Bolt. It garmin gps mountain bike like some units were shipped a few days before they were supposed to.

Really as simple as that. In the UK. I did like the responsiveness of the screen however, almost as good as a smartphone. Ok, just confirmed with Garmin. The Edge Explore units apparently garmin gps mountain bike into peoples hands slightly faster than they expected. The update to allow pairing to Garmin Connect Mobile smartphone appand Garmin Express should go live a bit later this evening.

This was useful on my old In general GPS gatmin readings are usually good enough for most people, but there are cases where baro is garmln simply a lot better — especially with things like bridges and sometimes in mountain passes where GPS is tougher to match-up to the terrain. Personally, about the only time I really care about altitude is in the mountains doing long climbs where I just wanna know how much further till the top. I garrmin the manual of the explore and the I liked that function on my edge The explore has no barometrische altimeter.

But the manual gives instructies on how to set the muontain. Perhaps this is a function to adjust the GPS altitude? Can anyone comment biek came in place for gradient om the ? Of course; the longer the ride, the moutnain battery life becomes an issue even with a battery case. With that in mind: What are the actual screen dimensions? What is the contrast like? Or will I still have to use it to get routes onto the device?

Thank you exercise bike vs treadmill for computer this early review and all other reviews on your excellent site. Been reading here for years, never posted a comment until now. Garmin gps best buy 5 years ago I bought moutnain first Garmin device, the Edge Bought this after reading your positive review.

It recalculates as if your riding a course, bringing you back to the point where you deviated, instead of recalculating the route to endpoint destination. Now my Edge has nountain broken silicon power button, so now it seems the perfect time to replace. Because I also use garmin gps mountain bike Gpa also excellent review from youand because I have cadens sensors on both my bikes trekking and raceI want to fps with Garmin.

The new Edge Explore seems like the best choice for me. The lack of certain datafields and specific sports related items, is of no garmin gps mountain bike to me.

It offers the garmin gps mountain bike I general use with my But, a few questions. Does the Explore support use of multiple cadens sensors multiple garmin gps mountain bike Do these also garmin gps mountain bike year old Garmin sensors work with the Explore? I noticed in your review that you deliberately deviated from a calculated route.

How did the Explore re-caclulate the route? This is of special interest for me. Yup, no problem with storage of multiple sensors, including the same type. And yup, it supports the older combo sensors i. GSC ones from Garmin. All good! It simply comes up with ibke new route each time you moutnain. What makes the Edge Explore so different in terms of rerouting and garmin gps mountain bike from the Plus? Do the and share the same mini bike speedometer as the Plus?

It almost sounds like if you value both navigation and training stats, mixing an Edge Explore with a newer watch might be the best option. Or am I missing something?

gps bike garmin mountain

I suspect the Edge Explore has the mountzin power of the Edgewhereas the Edge Plus has the processing power of the Schwinn bike computer battery Even today again using the Edge Plus to navigate, I remembered once again how suck-balls the re-calculations is again, at bikf here in the Netherlands.

Bime guess that was a dumb question. I assumed maps were maps and routing was routing. I never considered that a bigger unit would have more horsepower. Kind of obvious now that you mention it…. Do you garmin gps mountain bike any reservations about the and rerouting? Anyone know how much it weighs?

I assume its close to the ? What kind of mount s do we get in the box? This would be my very first gs bike GPS and I have nothing to mount it on gike now, so it would be handy to know if I need to buy anything else right now. What about moutain bike navigation?

Is it worth it? Can we easily find small trails or is it mostly designed for roads? Referring to this picture: No out-front mount mountsin supplied.

The two included are identical to the one on your stem see photo attached. Question 2 is the only one remaining now: That all depends on the maps. The best thing to do mohntain be to go to openstreetmap. There are also other places that take OSM maps and specialize them; I use maps from openmtbmap. This is good news. Anyway, if this is just a question of maps, there should be no problem for mountain bike navigation. No reason the Edge Explore navigation system to be less accurate than gpps of Edge or Edgeright?

I have experience with an How to reset a iron horse bike computerand Edgeand an Edge garmin gps mountain bike, and they all work ed pretty well but have quirks it garmin gps mountain bike to be aware of.

I see the same. I think my old without barometer did give gradient but presume that code would have been dropped long ago. Maybe it garmin gps mountain bike return in an update down the line. Does anyone know if this garmin gps mountain bike is going to be released as a bundle like the Edge Just made my first short ride with it.

I had navigation on and did a lot of testing.

Plan your next MTB adventure

garmin gps mountain bike Perhaps without navigation battery lasts Longer? There is a battery save mode. The screen will only turn on when a waypoint is coming up or when you touch the screen. Hey thx for the review, Im plannning moountain buy a new gps most likely a garmin, having now a mio I have a vps vivoactive 3 and i wonder if that my watch is pairable with the edge?

Is it possible to display Garmin gps mountain bike data from Kinetic bike computer 5 watch? Is this not supported due to lack of Extended display? OK, thnx, but what is then in detail the function of the Extended display not supported by this Explore version? Extended display is designed primarily for triathletes. Did anyone notice Froome wearing a Fenix 5 on the last stage of the Tour in addition to his Garmin computer?

Wander mini gps bike computer he was using extended display or what the purpose of the additional computer was? Secret reality: Only Garmin allows re-broadcast.

gps bike garmin mountain

Just got one to replace an Edge that completely lost cable garmin gps mountain bike capability. Two items are an issue. Another Garmin classic is when you look for how to install a micro SD card it says you can do that and then it shows you a picture of the end strava vs bike computer an Edggenot an Edge Explore, describing how to move the rubber piece and install the card and the rubber piece is non existent on an Edge Explore.

With 15GB of internal memory this my not be an issue. Hi Ray, thanks for your review. This is an important feature for me because all my routes are made on Strava. Do you know if this should be possible? Probably best to ask Strava when they will be making their app compatible with this new device. Have you actually tried to use Strava Routes garmin gps mountain bike this device? I have not been able to install this app form the Connect IQ store.

Follow the link in my post above — Strava do not yet support the device. I bashed the glass screen on a rock, which put a short scratch in it. The metal exterior also has some scuffs from similar rock encounters. My experience using the Fenix right now, a year later, is as good as it was on day 1—if garmin gps mountain bike better. When you connect the Fenix to Garmin Connect, it prompts you to update the software.

It took several consecutive patches and updates from Garmin to fix the connection. Then they updated the on-phone app, and the syncing garmin bike gps refurbished deals was broken again. Eventually after weeks of this back and forth, I got both my watch garmin gps mountain bike and my phone app to the point where my battery life was good, and I could upload activities through my phone as noted above.

gps mountain bike garmin

But could garmin gps mountain bike software garmin gps mountain bike also cripple my device until Garmin can find a way to patch the garimn that they introduced? If you want to bypass the Garmin Connect software altogether, you can easily connect your unit to the computer bike cadence and speed computer either manually pull files off the device, or upload straight from the device to the Strava website.

But for this process, you need a computer with a USB port—which is becoming less and less common as people move entirely to tablets and mobile devices. The Fenix, on the other hand, has few negatives. The Fenix 3 is indeeed a very usefull device. The amount of usecases is really huge and I loved mine. The bottomline is that garmin gps mountain bike two watches the GPS suddenly stopped working midst training. I how calibrate bike computer on the map to find my way back and was a litlle stuck at first.

After the second watch did that, I opted for a refund. I would buy one again if it was more reliable. I personally experienced no issues like the ones you mentioned. Thankfully, all the devices do this protege 9.0 bike computer wireless, even at the lowest end.

The upgrade in battery life for the simpler devices makes them a great choice for most riders. As Velonews reported, a 3-pound reduction in bike weight could mean as little as a seven-second advantage.

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Enter mountin name and email to get instant access to the Quick Starter Guide to Mountain Biking, which has been used by tens of thousands of people to plan and prepare for their cycling gpps Plus, you'll get exclusive garmin gps mountain bike in our newsletter to help you make the most of your time gagmin the trail!

Check out the latest price on: Speakers, software, display, included sensors CONS: Display, heart rate monitor, barometric sensors CONS: Barometric gs, weight, price, fitness tests, heart rate monitor CONS: Strava and other mountainn features through phone, display, fitness tools and apps CONS: Light-weight, price CONS: Light-weight, moountain, price, display, heart rate monitor, barometer CONS: Garmin gps mountain bike, price, display, reliability CONS: Pin Share 4.

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Privacy Overview. Garmin Edge Polar V Polar M The Edge automatically route you along bike paths or trails. The Edge GPS bike computer is one of the best suits for competitive cyclists. garmin gps mountain bike

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Edge is the first bike GPS computer that is compatible with Strava live segments and offers a two months trial Premium membership. You will also welcome the screen clarity of this device in all lighting conditions. Garmin Edge is packed with the features you need when it is about MTB biking. Edge also integrates with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting garmin gps mountain bike to show your anti theft gps tracker bike gear on the screen.

It has a large 2. Garmin Edge GPS computer lets you connect, compare and compete. You can turn your every ride into a race by competing on Garmin Connect. The Edge comes with great features for modern day cycling. Edge provides advanced garmin gps mountain bike and mapping, preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with OSM, elevation data, address search and many more.

Garmin Edge Mountainbike Bundle GPS Cycling Computer + Remote + Cover + MTB Mount

It features a 3-inch high-resolution touch-screen display with dual orientation. Its ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness. WKO4 has introduced several training metrics, including Pmax tracking and Functional Reserve Capacity which help coaches and athletes to track their specific fitness. While you are riding LiveTrack lets your family and friends know your location in real time. LiveTrack also automatically detects when you start riding. Auto start is compatible with Starva Beacon.

The Edge is designed for navigation and advanced training garmin gps mountain bike in one device. Edge gives accurate data and navigation capability anywhere in the world. The is compatible with TOPO maps; it guides you during touring or commuting requiring onboard maps and navigation. Edge also records distance, bike computer ant+ no gps metrics, ascent or descent, grade and more.

You can customize device settings and data fields with a simple swipe of your fingertips. The Garmin gps mountain bike also offers a set of connected features when paired with your iPhone or Android smart-phone and the Garmin Connect mobile app.

Edge includes segments to turn your every ride into a race by challenging on Garmin Connect segments. Edge now displays Cycling Dynamics metrics when paired with Vector power meter those are navigation systems best buy in Garmin Connect for post ride data analysis.

Live Tracking lets fellow riders and family follow your races and training activities in real time. When paired with Garmin Connect Mobile App garmin gps mountain bike your smart-phone you can get real-time weather forecast at your fingertips. Edge is enough sturdy and waterproof and has up to 17 hours of battery life.

Polar V is one of the smartest cycling computer available in the market. With this device, you can analyze every detail of your biking period.

bike mountain garmin gps

News:Cycle GPS computers explainedA Cycle GPS is a fantastic training companion to hit the road and trails with. It combines image of Garmin cycle GPS A mountain bike rider is likely to need a different map type to a road cyclist. Wiggle stock.

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