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View and Download Bell Console user manual online. FUNCTION wireless CYCLE COMPUTER. Console Bicycle Accessories pdf manual.

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Programming is now complete. Test the computer by spinning the wheel, which should activate the speed tendency icon in the top left corner.

In the rare occurrence the computer does not appear to function correctly, finding the problem bdll hand is quite convenient.

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If there is no data reading it may be a simple case of replacing the battery or making sure the magnet bell bike computer setup sensor are properly aligned. A slow data response could be the victim of too much hot or cold weather. In most cases the culprit cycling gps tracker improper performance will be a battery issue or incorrect sensor alignment.

setup bell bike computer

Whether your preferred beast of choice is road, bell bike computer setup or stationary bike, small gps for bike Bell Cyclocomputer has it covered. This allows for many different body types. Most stationary bikes will work, but make sure the cycle you are training on has spokes. The number of revolutions multiplied by the size of the wheel equals the traveled distance.

setup bell bike computer

This was helpful How many miles is one kilometer? Verified One kilometer equals 0, mile. Ten kilometers makes 6,21 miles.

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One mile equals 1, kilometer. Ten miles makes 16,09 kilometers. Look at page 23 and 24 of the manual and follow the directions for measuring tire rollout.

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Measure your front tire and select the wheel size on the chart that has the closest measurement to your tire. Measurement of the actual tire circumference will give you the most accurate readings. As far as placement it makes no difference.

setup bell bike computer

As long as the magnet on the spoke triggers the pick-up it will count revolutions. The computer does the calculations to convert the data to mph, distance etc.

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My preference is to mount it as close bell bike computer setup the axle as possible. On a mountain bike this keeps it out of the mud and away from branches. If you don't have that ability, you should pick the closest wheel circumference you can -- note that the sensor will only pickup the wheel gell revolution regardless of where it is placed.

This is typically done closer to the brakes than closer to the hub on a road bike, but you may need bell bike computer setup go further down in order to get the magnet to get within that range on a mountain computdr most b bikes sold these days, esp.

bike setup bell computer

If you're within this range, the sensor mount is good. If it isn't, move it to that range. See the manual for pictures.

How To Install A Bicycle Computer

Cateye bike computer battery replacement this pagethe following information is given. Use a roll out method ie measure circumference with a mark bell bike computer setup the tyre comptuer roll forward one exact revolution measure with a tape measure the distance covered preferably sat on bike, then put dimension into the custom setting for wheel size, youtube shows a good example. According to the manual bell bike computer setup to by Batman, it looks like you can enter a custom wheel size after you have clicked through all the predefined wheel sizes.

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Based bell bike computer setup the fact that it's 4 digits, the custom wheel size is most likely in mm. Using the Bell speedometer on a bicycle ride will provided critical data to use when evaluating performance and progress toward goals.

In order to ensure an accurate output, take the appropriate time setjp care in installing and programming the Bell speedometer.

setup bell bike computer

The Bell speedometer comes with seven necessary components: Ensure that all components are available and in good condition. Note that when a new battery is installed, all prior data is erased. When replacing an old battery, write down all current data recorded, for record-keeping purposes.

setup bell bike computer

Clamp the magnet to a spoke on the right side of the front wheel. The magnet should face the outside of the wheel.

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News:Using the Bell speedometer on a bicycle ride will provided critical data to use when Turn the computer on and select the proper wheel size setting using the.

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